A database of observation satellites

I have assembled a database of digital high to medium resolution (GSD<50m) Earth observation satellites. The data comes mostly from eoPortal, and the World’s Meteorological Organization’s OSCAR database (for civilian satellites), and Gunter’s Space page helped a lot to make sure it is almost complete. I also used Spaceflight101‘s detailed articles for some satellites, and Ted Molczan’s KH-11 data.

The databases records the name of a satellite, its COSPAR ID, sensor type, resolution (the best one available if there are several sensors), swath width (the largest one if several are available), the operating country or company, if it can downlink its data in real time through a data relay satellite, the name of the manufacturer, the launch date, and the main orbital characteristics:

click to access the database on datawrapper.de


Low Earth Orbit Signal Intelligence satellites are also included, as well as optical systems using film and launched after 2000 (to avoid filling the database with Cold War film  satellites). Satellites launched by universities are not included either, to keep the focus on missions operated by governments or companies.

The database is surely not complete, so corrections and additions are welcome! I will try to keep it updated regularly.


5 thoughts on “A database of observation satellites”

  1. Hello,
    Thank you very much for this. Your database is very interesting. Some comments:
    There is a mistake in the contractor of some SkySats. As far as I know all of them are being manufactured by SSL.
    You can find additional information at the Union of Concerned Scientists Satellite Database although they do not display EO specs https://www.ucsusa.org/nuclear-weapons/space-weapons/satellite-database and at http://www.nanosats.eu/ for cubesats.


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