About this blog & article list

Welcome to satelliteobservation.net! On this site, you will find in-depth content about the Earth Observation industry and the changes it is going through. For day-to-day news, I also have a twitter account here that you can follow.

The articles on national reconnaissance systems are:

History of the French reconnaissance system

French generals discuss military space

Hearing of the French Joint Commander for Space

The Chinese maritime surveillance system

The Yaogan-30 high-revisit constellation

History of the US reconnaissance system

History of the US high-altitude SIGINT system

A new German space policy?

Everything you wanted to know about Copernicus

The articles on US Signal Intelligence satellites are:

Signal intelligence 101: SIGINT targets

History of the US high-altitude SIGINT system

A radiotelescope in the sky: the USA-202 ORION satellite

The articles touching on warfare in space are:

Contested Space I: Threats

Contested space II: Countermeasures

Prospective articles on the future of earth observation are:

The Future of Optical Earth Observation

What do users really want, anyway?

Persistent Surveillance

Smallsat constellations

Other articles are:

A database of observation satellites

Observing satellites

The Airbus Very High Resolution constellation

Ariane 6 and beyond

CNES’ director of launchers talks reusable rockets


Good reading!

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